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About Sarah J. Price Front-end Web Developer; HTML, CSS, SEO expert

Personal Details

I received my initial web industry education from Moraine Park Technical College (Online Degree Program; WI area Technical College) and am involved in ongoing education to stay on top of coding standards and industry trends. I am never static in the internet world and that is what you want to look for when hiring a developer for your front-end website projects. The world of the internet is a never-ending learning experience.

I am fluent in HTML, CSS, Interactivity, SEO, User-Experience and most things Google! I also have experience in working with PHP, JQuery, Javascript, Wordpress, Drupal and many other Open-Source and Proprietary Content-Management softwares. I have also become known as being a great trouble-shooter over the years. Have a problem with your website? I will usually pin-point the source of the issue (and possibly fix it!) within hours.

Although I do have an eye for design, one of my strongest skills is being able to take any front-end website design and interactivity anyone could dream up and make it a reality. Of course, time, budget and usability will almost always play a role. Probably my most said phrase to every client I have ever worked with, “Anything is possible, but...”

My Skills

Professional Skills

HTML 99%

CSS 99%

JS / Jquery 75%

PHP / MySQL 50%

Usability 80%

Photoshop 75%

SEO 95%

Wordpress 75%

Microsoft Office 90%

Joomla & Drupal 50%

Personal Skills

Team Player 90%

Self Motivation 95%

Communication 90%

Troubleshooter 95%

Organization 90%

Creativity 75%

Hard Worker 85%

Dedication 85%

Passion 85%

Perfectionsim 90%


See some of my most recent Web Development Projects

Many of the projects you will see were developed from static image mockups with notes from a professional graphic designer.

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